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Because Every Pet and Human Deserves Great Health Care!


Did you know only 2 out of every 10 Pets in America are covered. What about your Pet?


Mind if we pay your vet bills?

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Be Smart! Let Your Policy Pay!
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Just Like Obamacare, Now You Can...
Compare Our Best Insurance Plans Below!

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  • CLICK for FREE Quote

  • Great Monthly Rates!

  • Compare Our Plans

  • Happy, Healthy & Protected

  • Flexible Coverage Options

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Discover the best coverage for your Pet with HealthyPaws Insurance.  

  • All Breeds and Ages

  • Covers Emergencies

  • Use Any Vet

  • Easy Quote

  • Best Coverage

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  • Provides comfort in knowing your pet is protected

  • Helps you avoid unexpected costs

  • Offers multiple care options for your pet's unique needs

DISCLAIMER: The Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") does NOT cover your pets.

But for less than $1 a day, you'll find great Pet Coverage by clicking above.

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Polls show 74% of American voters favor these 5 key points in our human Health Care Law:


  • Stops insurance companies from cancelling us for pre-existing conditions or if we get sick.

  • Stops insurance companies from limiting our coverage with lifetime or yearly caps.

  • We can keep our kids on our insurance policy until they turn 26. 

  • All insurance plans include yearly preventive care and immunizations.

  • Senior and disabled prescription drug benefits are being covered.

Animal Kingdom


Whether you love or hate Obamacare, we all know that when any of us get sick or injured we all want to have Great Health Care. We think our Pets deserve the same! With quality Pet Insurance and the great monthly plans we've found, it saves you a bundle over the long run. That's why we say: Be smart! Get Everything Insured!   

Just like with Obamacare, here at you'll find the best rates and plans to put control back in your hands, not the insurance companies. Grab your free quote today! And let your Policy pay those bills! 


There's nothing like the Peace of Mind knowing every Pet member of your family

is covered and protected.  And the same is true for you and your entire family!

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Get Everything Insured!  Be Smart!  Let Your Policy Pay those Bills!

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